The Blue Kitsune EP

by Drag Lines

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released August 2, 2013



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Drag Lines Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Warpaint (ft. Ashley Serena)
悲しみという (The thing we call sadness)
落ちた涙  (Is but fallen tears)
魂が燃える (Our souls ignite)
染んだ体 (And color our bodies)

Grief will always burn with tears
Charring us, ash and dust
Souls ignite over the years
Painting rust, staining us

誰様形作る生活、素描? (Whose life am I molding, this rough sketch?)
僕、絵筆を全部持つ (Only I hold the brush)
誰でもない (No one else)

Painting my true colors now
In the air they can breathe
You are asking yourself how
Your eyes could be deceived

我心には (Within my heart)
彫った涙 (Are engraved tears)
永遠にこのまま (I will stay this way forever)
痛んだ体 (A body full of pain)

Whose life do I draw and mold in my hands?
Paint to dust, glass to sand
I hold every brush known yet to man
So I am alone

吠えてる (I'm crying out)
聞いてね (Please hear me)
痛いので (Because this hurts so much)

Daring to believe more than what I see
Is how I glimpse eternity
この染んだ世界の香り (The fragrance of this painted world)
Is all that matters to me
この染んだ世界の意気 (The spirit of this painted world)
Is all that matters to me